Ducati Desmo Owners Club Indonesia (DDOCI) celebrated 15th anniversary by road trip from Jakarta to Bandung. The agendas were started from 22 October 2016 16:00 am until 23 October 2016 12:00 pm. The participants who attended 15th Anniversary DDOCI were absolutely the whole member of DDOCI. Activities that awaited were “Potong Tumpeng” and Gala Dinner at Holiday Inn, Bandung, as it is Indonesian culture of thanks giving for the abudance of blessings. On the road to home, they took a break in Puncak. This event intended to increase brotherhood among members.

We, OMAISU, are very supportive to the community, we understand that great shoes enable the riders to ride more efficiently and with less fatique.¬†Motorcycle boots are important, assuming that all riders want to protect their feets and ankles. Investing a pair of boots designed specifically for motorcycle riding is definitely the right way to do however motorcycle boots will protect againts most motorcycle hazards. Don’t think about work boots, sneakers, sandals or anything else, they won’t protect riders entire foot and ankle, they will wear out fast and won’t provide much stability in a crash.

Motorcycle¬†should fit well and comfortable. The soles should be flat, able to stand up to frequent road impact, be resistant to oil and other chemicals, and maintain good traction with the road, the bike’s pegs and the gear shifter. To find high-quality motorcycle boots, first consider your specific needs – specialized or casual riders. The last important consideration is the fit, it should be snug but not tight.

In a nutshell, wear appropriate shoes that will keep all riders comfortable. Comfortable shoe comes with the right fit and the neatness. OMAISU providing all riders motorcycle shoes to be comfortable by letting all the shoes breath again and be ready to go on the road trip.